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Fundamental concepts are explained very systematically. I can definitely see Microsoft CRM as Go To Tool for any business with its great features and ease of use. Hope to see more courses on Implementation / Configuration and Extending of CRM across industry verticals.

- Vijay Kharatmol

Great introduction to Dynamics CRM product; Well organized and easy to follow. Looking forward to attending the upcoming courses.

- Ravi A

This was certainly worth my time, as it gave me a good overall summary of CRM. Have suggested it to several other people also. Thanks!

- Mary Ellen Gray

Thanks for the sharing your skills with us. you are a wonderful instructor I learnt a lot !! please keep adding courses so I can join in future.

- Namrata Chhangani

Easy, straightforward delivery makes for instant erudition :-)

- Alan McLeod

Actually , I am completely new to Dynamic CRM but still able to get what Mr. Abhay is trying to explain. Really good stuff for beginner. Good job Abhay !!

- Chandrabharthi

Quickest and Fastest way to learn Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Awesome explanation of each and every aspect of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Demo. Thanks for making this course.

- KeyurRamoliya

This course gives a comprehensive overview of the processes and features that you can utilize within Dynamics 365.

- John Ellis

One of the BEST courses I ever took. The training is very knowledgeable. I will definitely highly recommend. Will take more classes with him from now on.

- Israel King

This course gives a high-level overview of all modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The instructor is highly knowledgeable and explains concepts extremely well for beginners (even more so that the official Microsoft course).

- Vicky Rodgers

Quite a solid information for introducing the Ms Dynamics. Help me to recap all the flow process again.

- Vincent Teoh Choon Hong

Thanks for such a nice functionality about Dynamic 365 Project service and all other module. I really like the way to explain things for MS CRM module.

- Ashok Kumar Singh

Good overview of the different modules in Dynamics 365. As this is just an overview of each module, there were no in-depth discussions or configuration overviews as those would be covered in another training course as the author stated. Overall, a good crash course on knowing what the differences are between the different flavors of D365 so you have an idea of where to focus your next training on.

- Luis Garcia

Very good info is being taught by this teacher. I am very pleased with the course. It is easily understood.

- Shawn G. Miller

I never seen Microsoft Dynamics and am truly a beginner. This was a great basic overview of what Dynamics has to offer.

- Tania Zayas

The content of the course is good enough to gain the knowledge of the Dynamics 365 and presentation skills are excellent on the course.

- GaneshKumar Anand

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Also very impressed with instructor. He replied to my two emails/questions within a few hours - and we're in different time zones (thanks Abhay!!). I took off half a star because some parts of it felt rushed. I had to rewind a few times to try and follow. And I was disappointed that that the dynamics 365 Operations module was so brief. I'll look out for the in-depth course he promised for that. Apart from that, great course, great trainer. Would recommend!!

- Joyce Agbor

Having taken Microsoft's "Intro to 365" - I have to say this is far superior. Abhay does a great job of covering all the details and keeping you engaged, while diving much deeper into the functionality and features of Dynamics 365.

- Michael Carrera

The course was great.This course gives a good overview of all modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The instructor is highly knowledgeable and explains concepts extremely well for beginners. Abhay was clear and concise with his knowledge, I would definitely recommend this course. Thanks, Abhay:)

- Safi Ahmed Choudhury

The course presents good, basic content. I appreciate that it begins each module by discussing terminology and basic concepts.

- Ronald Moore

WOW! A great short and sweet course to get quick high level insight to Dynamics 365. Thanks a ton and keep it up! I look forward to get further updates on future courses.

- M K Mishra

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