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Latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification Format

Are you ready for the new Microsoft Dynamics Certifications?

Are you ready for the new Microsoft Dynamics Certifications?

I'm talking about MB-900, MB-200, MB-210, etc. 

Before I launch these certification courses, I feel it's important for you to understand the new exam format. 

Microsoft has improved their certification process. Here's what you can expect: 

1. Multiple Choice Questions Format: There will be multiple choice questions (same as earlier) but there will also be drag and drop questions (you need to drag answers to the right side of the screen, arrange in sequence, steps to perform operations, etc.). An answer choice can be used once, more than once or possible to not choose at all. 

2. No Review Questions: Once you have answered these questions, you cannot go back or review to change your answer. So once you have answered a question, there's no going back and change it. Answer it wisely. 

3. Screenshots Based Questions: You may expect some questions where you will see Microsoft Dynamics 365 application screens and you need to choose right answers from the screenshot. You just need to click on the screenshot components to answer. 

4. Case Study Based Questions: There may be questions based on a case study. So, you will be given a scenario, problem statement, situation, etc. and you are expected to answer a few questions based on the case study. Again, these questions will be multiple choice. 

5. Drop Down Based Questions: You may be given a scenarios in a single question and you are required to provide solution to each. Against each scenario, you need to choose one right option from a drop down. The drop down will have multiple options. 

Each answer is worth a point: Which means if you need to select 3 answers for a question, you will get marks for each right answer. For example, out of 3 answers you have select 2 as right and 1 as wrong, you will still be given marks for 2 right choices. It's a positive thing for sure. 

I hope this will help you prepare for the exam. I will share more information as I launch certification courses. Stay tuned.

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