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What Some Of Our Students Are Saying...

Fundamental concepts are explained very systematically. I can definitely see Microsoft CRM as Go To Tool for any business with its great features and ease of use. Hope to see more courses on Implementation / Configuration and Extending of CRM across industry verticals.

- Vijay Kharatmol

Great introduction to Dynamics CRM product; Well organized and easy to follow. Looking forward to attending the upcoming courses.

- Ravi A

This was certainly worth my time, as it gave me a good overall summary of CRM. Have suggested it to several other people also. Thanks!

- Mary Ellen Gray

Thanks for the sharing your skills with us. you are a wonderful instructor I learnt a lot !! please keep adding courses so I can join in future.

- Namrata Chhangani

Easy, straightforward delivery makes for instant erudition :-)

- Alan McLeod

Actually , I am completely new to Dynamic CRM but still able to get what Mr. Abhay is trying to explain. Really good stuff for beginner. Good job Abhay !!

- Chandrabharthi

Quickest and Fastest way to learn Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Awesome explanation of each and every aspect of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Demo. Thanks for making this course.

- KeyurRamoliya

This course gives a comprehensive overview of the processes and features that you can utilize within Dynamics 365.

- John Ellis

One of the BEST courses I ever took. The training is very knowledgeable. I will definitely highly recommend. Will take more classes with him from now on.

- Israel King

This course gives a high-level overview of all modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The instructor is highly knowledgeable and explains concepts extremely well for beginners (even more so that the official Microsoft course).

- Vicky Rodgers

Quite a solid information for introducing the Ms Dynamics. Help me to recap all the flow process again.

- Vincent Teoh Choon Hong

Thanks for such a nice functionality about Dynamic 365 Project service and all other module. I really like the way to explain things for MS CRM module.

- Ashok Kumar Singh

Good overview of the different modules in Dynamics 365. As this is just an overview of each module, there were no in-depth discussions or configuration overviews as those would be covered in another training course as the author stated. Overall, a good crash course on knowing what the differences are between the different flavors of D365 so you have an idea of where to focus your next training on.

- Luis Garcia

Very good info is being taught by this teacher. I am very pleased with the course. It is easily understood.

- Shawn G. Miller

I never seen Microsoft Dynamics and am truly a beginner. This was a great basic overview of what Dynamics has to offer.

- Tania Zayas

Absolutely great course and good explanation on different modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365! It's good to have course which will guide to pass Microsoft exam to get certification. Strongly recommended this course to anyone who would like to learn Microsoft Dynamics technologies. Great efforts and dedication!

- Nirav Mehta

I had a great experience here. I don't know anything about Microsoft Dynamics 365 but want to learn as it is a hot cake in the market. So one of my colleague suggested me to go through this. Luckily I got this training course as free. What an explanation simply super. I felt like I am in a virtual class room.I love this course and it made Microsoft Dynamics 365 easy to learn. Thank you very much Udemy.

- Ajay Reddi B

As described - very good as introduction course. Could be helpful for Consultants with no previous knowledge of Dynamics

- Igor Ia

Great Course well described and explained. It helped to understand the fundamental of the 365 Family

- Kennylen Singelee

Great overview of the modules. Really helped me understand what's going on!

- Nick Georgiopoulos

It was great experience .All the videos and course materials were upto the mark. It gave complete overview on how Dynamics 365 looks like. Gave very helpful insight for sales,finance and operation executive.It can be used as complete suite for any organisation in managing their sales, marketing, operation, Project Management and finance activities.

- Sheetal Mehta

I really enjoy this class and will definitely choose more class from this instructor in the future.

- Wenli Shi

Highly recommend. The instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and is able to present the concepts in a way that is easily understandable. The instructor walks you though the complete setup process and how to use the software.

- Joseph Cox

I became much more aware of the breadth and scope of Dynamics 365. This course is a whirlwind introduction of what Dynamics 365 is and does, and it's considerable, thanks

- Eugene Murnane

The Trainer on this course has been very descriptive so far, giving me a "ABC" walk-through on how to get familiar with Dynamic 365. i have registered for my Trail, and i am looking forward to learning this and then writing my Dynamics Exam.

- Babajide Adejumo

An excellent overview of Dynamics 365 covering the terminology, process flow and the application screen layout and navigation. Abhay clearly explained the mapping of MS Dynamics CRM, GP and AX with Dynamics 365 followed by quick summary and next steps for detailed in-depth study of each of the modules Very well structured and presented very well without leaving any doubts or provision to raise queries.

- Sudhakar Kuncham

It is really an awesome course to understand dynamics CRM in and outs in an hours. Abhay Sharma Sir has compiled the course in a very great way that everyone can gets start with CRM platform. Thank you sir for the great course and your teaching and elaboration of concept is awesome.

- Tanzeelur Rehman

Great training video. Very detailed and at a slow and steady pace for new users.

- Monica Cruz

I really learned quite a bit about Microsoft Dynamics 365 through this introductory course. Abhay was very skilled in teaching the information and that made it really easy to learn from his lectures. I encourage anyone wanting to get a good introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to take his course!

- Shereeta Vanvleet

So, far I think this course is a good match for me. I don't know very much about Microsoft Dynamics yet.

- Marc Miller

I enjoyed the course, it gave me the starting knowledge in MS Dynamics 365 and has encouraged me to continue learning on the topic. I would definitely recommend this course to other users who want to learning about MS Dynamics 365 and, like me, are starting from scratch.

- Georgi Pepelyankov

The instructur tells in a good way how to set up the eniviroment online and use it in affecient way

- Olle

As a consultant, it's been an awesome course! I learned a lot and am now looking forward to implementing Dynamics 365 for my clients! Definitely recommended!

- Nickola O

The content of the course is good enough to gain the knowledge of the Dynamics 365 and presentation skills are excellent on the course.

- GaneshKumar Anand

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Also very impressed with instructor. He replied to my two emails/questions within a few hours - and we're in different time zones (thanks Abhay!!). I took off half a star because some parts of it felt rushed. I had to rewind a few times to try and follow. And I was disappointed that that the dynamics 365 Operations module was so brief. I'll look out for the in-depth course he promised for that. Apart from that, great course, great trainer. Would recommend!!

- Joyce Agbor

Having taken Microsoft's "Intro to 365" - I have to say this is far superior. Abhay does a great job of covering all the details and keeping you engaged, while diving much deeper into the functionality and features of Dynamics 365.

- Michael Carrera

Very good introductory course. Showed an overview of the modules and laid the foundation for future learning.

- Tim Khan

What I have learn't so far is very informative, I understood everything the lecturer said and excited to go onto the next module. I left this rating because there is much more to learn.

- Cassandra Reid

Great course and very user friendly. Will do a few more on MS Dynamics 365. The way to go!

- Peet van Rhyn

The course was great.This course gives a good overview of all modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The instructor is highly knowledgeable and explains concepts extremely well for beginners. Abhay was clear and concise with his knowledge, I would definitely recommend this course. Thanks, Abhay:)

- Safi Ahmed Choudhury

The course presents good, basic content. I appreciate that it begins each module by discussing terminology and basic concepts.

- Ronald Moore

WOW! A great short and sweet course to get quick high level insight to Dynamics 365. Thanks a ton and keep it up! I look forward to get further updates on future courses.

- M K Mishra

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